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UX Design Case Study Template for Stress-Free Designers made by May Sun

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This template for a UX product design case study can help relieve stress for designers when beginning the process of building a case study, based on May Sun's personal case study. The purpose of the template is to assist designers in starting to build a case study and to encourage them to iterate as necessary.

YouTube Tutorials:

▷ View step by step guide talking through this template:

▷ Personal case study reveal using this template:

▷ 5 things I wish I knew when building case studies:

About author:

May Sun, senior UX product designer at Google who is passionate about share her experience and knowledge for fellow designers. She produces YouTube videos and design resources on interview and design thinking. Follow May Sun Design to learn more!

The process is broken down into 20 steps, including

  • an introduction
  • agenda
  • case study cover
  • environment
  • background
  • problem
  • vision
  • objective
  • target users
  • user journey
  • design strategy
  • low-fi design
  • medium-fidelity design
  • high-fidelity design
  • workflows
  • features
  • final design
  • impact
  • retrospect,
  • next steps.

You will get a FIG (11MB) file